Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Okay, so just vent for a second

I sincerely believe that in general, people are good. The world is not as overrun with bad people as we think, even though that is all we ever see or hear about via the communication tools we all carry in our pockets. In general, people are still good. I arrived at this conclusion after many long hours of wondering "why". Why I wasn't mentioned, why I wasn't invited, why I wasn't important enough, why I didn't come first, or even second, why I didn't matter, why I wasn't worth it, why no one cared, why no one helped, why no one complimented or even noticed, why, when searching for happiness, there is only hopelessness. Self pity is optional but I think, sometimes crucially important. It puts things in perspective. It brings a sense of humbleness. It makes us real, makes us feel something, even if it's bad. The same goes for anger. I don't like being angry but sometimes, it feels good to be angry. It especially feels good to do something about it, then feel bad and back to the pity party. Whatever. It's all sadly necessary to feel alive. It's purposeful, if only to force you to strive toward better things and make you appreciate them with a heart so full it could explode. Anger which leads you to humbling forgiveness. Pity which lifts you to being elated with the simple things that come unexpectedly. It's all relevant, it makes you alive. So don't feel bad about it. The payoff is extensive because I know I am worth it, even if I'm the only one who is ever brave enough to show it. Most people are good, including me.

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