Saturday, January 9, 2010


This morning, Saturday, a day off, I awoke earlier than usual. I simply despise "body clocks"...they are evil! But again, it is beautiful and my annoyance quickly turns to delight when I open all the curtains and see (just like every day) the most beautiful landscape in the world. My delight thickens knowing I can at least stay in my jammies as long as I see fit today. My husband left early this morning for competition and left the coffee pot half full and hot, another delight. I went upstairs, the view is better from the loft, and quietly planned the day out in my head-"first, blog, you didn't do it yesterday." (I had writers block yesterday.) Anyway, looking out, I realize, the view never changes here, technically, but every day it does look a little different. Different clouds, different light, sun rising at just a slightly different place on the mountain than it did the morning before. I cherish these moments. Especially because you never know when you may wake up to nothing but white falling from the sky and piled three feet high on the ground. Those are wonderful days too, just a different sort of wonderful.

I initially intended this blog be about a "small group of people" in a "small land-locked town". I had a certain group in mind but I found yesterday that I will have to expand it here and there. Still within the town though, of course. As you may have noticed, hope what at a minimum for me on Thursday. But once again, just when I thought there was no hope, someone comes along and proves me wrong and makes me feel like a dummy for thinking so in the first place. And I will admit, that I am okay with that. In your darkest hour, help appears, in some form another. Little by little it is for me. The road ahead is always long, always rocky in places, has many uphills, but for every uphill, there is a down hill, and the rocks can't go on forever. It is sometimes hard to always do the right thing but I'm here to tell you, it's the payoff in the end that matters and it's not hard to get!

Whether you turn to the left or the right, there is always a voice behind you saying "This is the way, walk in it"

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