Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This morning, as the dawn broke, there were some of those "whispy" clouds on the horizon. That's one good thing about it still being dark at 6:30 AM. "Whispy" kinda set the tone for the whole day. Full, clouded, unorganized, ever-changing, whispy. It seemed to be effecting everyone else too. The school bus drivers, my kid, the traffic light, the elk taking their sweet time crossing the highway while some hurried drivers honked and other "touristy" drivers scrambled for cameras nearly killing the rest of us. My desk awaited me, clean, as always, and the phone blinked "messages". Others amidst their own whispy lives, in need of a long list of things. Volunteers fluttered in and out. A family's home was saved today, we gave their daughter a doll, handmade with love. Every stitch pulled tight with a warm heart knowing each the finished dolls would provide comfort to a little person who's family was in crisis....hopefully she doesn't know it-her parents do though, it's hard for them to hide it from me. It's okay though, it will all be okay.

There have been times in my life that, on days like today, I would have found it hard to find anything in life to be thankful for. Sometimes, it is still a struggle. After all, it does seem that the cards are all stacked against us all of the sudden.

But I have the most the rewarding job in the world, a job that makes me more thankful every day. What is more rewarding than that?

I count my whispy days as blessings as well, they are all part of the plan.

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